Football rumours: Zidane to manage Beckham’s MLS franchise?

Today’s tell-all is all about the bass, the bass, the bass

Long rumoured to have his eye on José Mourinho’s job at Manchester United, Zinedine Zidane is today reported to have held “preliminary talks” with his former teammate David Beckham about managing his new Inter Miami franchise. With no players, no stadium and no games scheduled until the 2020 MLS season, the new expansion team won’t take a whole lot of managing at the moment, but Beckham has already said he wants “to create the biggest club in the USA and so that means attracting some of the biggest players”. While a high-profile manager would help attract the kind of marquee signings Beckham is after, it seems implausible to think Zidane won’t get a better offer between now and Inter Miami’s maiden MLS season.

A couple of months ago, Zidane was rumoured to be taking on a new role as technical director at his former club Juventus, but the Serie A side torpedoed the notion by pointing out that the position is already occupied by Pavel Nedved. Today, reports from Italy suggest the Serie A club’s chairman Andrea Agnelli likes the cut of Leroy Sané’s jib and will try to sign him from Manchester City in the next couple of years.

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