Sports quiz of the week: Premier League, transfers and Virat Kohli

Who has a 100% record? Who has No 11? And who won $154,480?

Which of these summer signings has taken the No 11 shirt at his new club?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Rui Patrício

Riyad Mahrez

Naby Keïta

India scored 436 runs in the first Test against England at Edgbaston. How many of them were scored by Virat Kohli?





Philippe Coutinho was given a new passport this week – from which country?





Four Premier League clubs appointed new managers this summer. Which of these was not appointed to one of those jobs?

An Italian

An Argentinian

A Spaniard

A Portuguese

A Chilean

Why was Thomas Fleetwood surprised when he was paid $154,480 for coming 12th at the Open?

Because he should only have received $1,544

Because he didn’t play at the Open

Because he should have received $1,544,800

Because he actually finished 112th

What links the transfer dealings at Newcastle, Watford and Tottenham this summer?

They didn’t sign any players

They were the only Premier League clubs to make a profit

They all sold two players to Fulham

They all broke their transfer record

The Netherlands won the Women’s Hockey World Cup for the eighth time last weekend. Which team did they beat in the final?





According to Mauricio Pochettino, what has hindered Tottenham’s dealings in the summer transfer window?

The unusually hot weather in London


Donald Trump’s visit to the UK

The royal wedding

Where is VAR not being used this season?

Premier League

FA Cup

League Cup

La Liga

Serie A


Ligue 1

Which of these former England midfielders started the season by winning his first league game as a manager?

Steven Gerrard

Joey Barton

Lee Bowyer

Frank Lampard

10 and above.

Incredible. You are a true hero

1 and above.

Oh dear. Better luck next week

2 and above.

Oh dear. Better luck next week

3 and above.

Good try. Better luck next week

4 and above.

Fret not. That’s a decent score.

5 and above.

Fret not. That’s a decent score.

6 and above.

Nicely played

7 and above.

Nicely played

8 and above.

Well, aren’t you fantastic

0 and above.

Oh dear. Better luck next week

9 and above.

Well, aren’t you fantastic

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