The gentle pleasures of watching football in the Scottish Borders

Take a wander through the Lowland League with Gala Fairydean Rovers, Hawick Royal Albert, Whitehill Welfare and others

By writer Daniel Gray and photographer Alan McCredie for Nutmeg

Sometimes in these still lands, it is hard to imagine a ball being kicked. It seems too strenuous, too disruptive. The Borders are Scotland’s gentlest quarters, serene towns and villages of folk that listen first and talk second. The countryside is polite and cushioning, a lie-in instead of an early start.

Here until not so long ago, days jolted along to the clunking noises of textile mills. You can see some of them now in the valley that holds Galashiels in its palm. In bold stone and slate, a number are repurposed. A few are derelict, the forgotten mansions of industrial clout.

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