Which is the best World Cup ever? Rating contenders from 1954 to 2014

Before things kicked off in Russia we asked you to reminisce about your favourite World Cups. You did not disappoint

The Miracle of Bern. Germany weren’t meant to get very far. German players were all still technically amateurs. Hungary were the Goliaths of world football, having gone undefeated for four years, including beating England – the self-ascribed “inventors of football” – 6-3 the year before and 7–1 just before the World Cup. Hungary beat Germany 8-3 in the round robin, so no one expected Germany to have a chance in the final. Removable cleats were used for the first time, which may have helped in a torrential downpour durijng the final. They made a movie of it. It was Germany’s first World Cup win and it revived the nation after the second world war. It also launched German football on a successful path for the years to come. A Germany fan

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