World Cup 2018: Spain reaction to Lopetegui taking Real Madrid job – live!

Kick off is 31 hours away, but it’s time for the first OMG! of the 2018 World Cup

Seems quite possible that Rubiales / Lopetegui press conference in about an hour will be to announce Spain will have a different coach on bench v Portugal on Friday. Hierro and Celades candidates to step in.

Hello, good morning and welcome to our liveblog of the day before the World Cup! There will be plenty going on – not least in Camp Spain, where Julen Lopetegui will be meeting the press at some stage. Yesterday afternoon, Real Madrid showed their usual sensitivity by announcing that Lopetegui will become their new manager after the World Cup. It’s not necesarily a barrier to success – remember ‘PSV Off Bungler Bobby’ in 1990 – but nor is it a recommended course of action in the Little Book of Team Morale.

As well as shoving some Spanish articles through Google Translate in an increasingly frantic manner, we’ll bring you the latest news from all 32 teams. Okay, not all of them, how many fingers do you think I have, but the ones who do or say anything interesting. England are training this morning, possibly without the injured Marcus Rashford, and there will be much else besides.

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