World Cup Fiver | Australia’s proud and totally sacrosanct national football team

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It’s been a tough week for the flamin’ bosseroos of Football Federation Australia (FFA), who’ve had to interrupt brunch at least once in order to intimate that critics can rack off. Those critics got all obstreperous on Tuesday when it was announced that Tim Cahill is part of the country’s pre-Ethics World Cup training squad. The player has been terrific in the past but he’s 78 years old now and his recent preparations for the World Cup have involved studying Steve Morison’s galumphing technique from a bleak observation post on Millwall’s bench. Which is why many fans couldn’t help wondering whether Cahill’s inclusion in their 26-man squad was in any way connected to the fact that he was revealed on Monday as the figurehead of an expensive marketing campaign run by a fuel company that happens to be the main sponsor of Australia’s proud and totally sacrosanct national team, the Caltex Socceroos.

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via Football | The Guardian

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