Martin Tyler became a Woking fan 65 years ago. Now he’s coaching the team

After attending his first Woking match in 1953, Martin Tyler went on to play for them, play against them and commentate on their matches. Now, aged 72, he is joining their coaching staff

By Richard Foster for The Agony and the Ecstasy

Martin Tyler’s passion for football stretches back to the first game he attended, in 1953, the year of the Queen’s coronation, when Winston Churchill was prime minister and England were beaten 6-3 by the Mighty Magyars of Hungary. Tyler was not introduced to the sport that would make his name at Wembley, but 25 miles south at the Kingfield Stadium, where he saw Woking FC beat local rivals Kingstonian in the first round of the FA Amateur Cup. Bringing things full circle, Tyler has now joined the club’s coaching staff at the age of 72.

Viewers often express curiosity about which club the commentator supports, a question he can deal with easily. “The truth is I don’t have any affiliation with any club in the League, not just in the Premier League but in the Football League as well. My own team is Woking in the National League. My non-league upbringing has stayed with me all the way through and I have been lucky enough to work at the highest levels of the game.”

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