Arsène Wenger bows out with a light heart at end of 22-year Arsenal affair | Amy Lawrence

The sun shone on the departing manager at Huddersfield and in the 22nd minute he received a standing ovation from the entire crowd

The final bow was a grand sweeping gesture, with the kind of flourish that would not look out of place on a Broadway stage. Arsène Wenger emerged for his last Premier League act, strode through a guard of honour, made a right turn towards the corner of Arsenal fans and when he arrived in front of them he bent that lean frame in acknowledgement of one hell of a story.

Then he turned and skipped merrily back towards the dugout. Wenger is not renowned for his skipping. But everything feels different now. Fans who had not so long ago vocalised their discontent were eager to shower acclaim and gratitude. Wenger, who had been a picture of strain and stress until his leaving date was announced, looks as if the years have fallen from his face, the spring rejuvenating his step.

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via Football | The Guardian

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